Waste incineration

(projects currently being researched and commercialized)

 Low-pollution incineration technology with high-temperature FGR MILD combustion technology and double-tubular SDR
(New environmental technology certification(No.490) and verification(No.247)

 The high-temperature FGR MILD combustion method blocks the production of nitrogen oxide, which causes fine dust and acid rain.

 Equipment was made compact by introducing a semi-dry reaction tower with improved contact efficiency between exhaust gas and chemicals


 Application of incinerators to small and medium-sized
local governments and completion of commercialization

Gochang, Korea
ㆍType : Stocker Type
ㆍScale : 25ton/day
ㆍCompletion date : 01.2021
Gongju, Korea
ㆍType : Stocker Type
ㆍScale : 50ton/day
ㆍCompletion date : 09.2022
Inje, Korea
ㆍType : Stocker Type
ㆍScale : 48ton/day
ㆍCompletion date : 01.2019
Geumsan, Korea
ㆍType : Stocker Type
ㆍScale : 30ton/day
ㆍCompletion date : 05.2019

 Research on introducing private incineration facilities and SRF incineration facilities is underway

 POSCO, Youngbo Chemical

Modernization project for the incineration
facility at POSCO Gwangyang Steel Works
ㆍResearch name :
ㆍScale : 90ton/day
Advanced environmental
technology development project
ㆍResearch name : Development of unformed SRF and low NOx combustion system
ㆍScale : 120ton/day
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