Renewable energy field

(Biomass pyrolysis oil)

 Biomass pyrolysis oil

 Pyrolysis oil is a type of bio-renewable energy.

 Currently, there is growing concern about rising crude oil prices and energy depletion due to increased consumption of resources and fossil energy around the world.

 DAEKYUNG ESCO Co., Ltd. is a prominent environmental company that spearheads and conducts diverse research in renewable energy to address these environmental issues.


  Development goals and implementation methods

Development goals

  • • Establishment of an integrated process system for a 20ton/day scale demonstration plant
  • • Development of technology using pyrolysis oil boilers/engines/turbines
  • • Design of a 100ton/day scale commercialization process plant to establish a commercialization infrastructure

Implementation methods

  • • Contributing to the New Government's Renewable Energy 3020 Goal
  • • Creation of a new industry in the biofuel
  • • Securing export-type process technology in the biotechnology field


  Diagram of the biomass pyrolysis oil process


  Biomass pilot plant

1ton/day scale pilot plant

20ton/day scale pilot plant

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