Air pollution prevention field

 Double-tubular semi-dry reaction tower

  Patent No. 10-1389475

  A double-tubular semi-dry reaction tower is a semi-dry reaction tower that enhances contact efficiency between chemicals (slurry of slaked lime) and exhaust gas by installing an inner partition to separate the inner chamber and outer chamber, and installing guide vanes in opposite directions at the entrance of the two chambers.

  Features of double-tubular semi-dry reaction tower

1. Removal of 90% or more of acid gas (SOx, HCl) by a slurry of slaked lime

2. Preventing dioxin resynthesis through rapid cooling of exhaust gas

3. Automatic flow control system linked to automatic chimney monitoring system

  Semi-dry cleaning technology that shows high efficiency even on a compact scale by maximizing contact between gas and chemicals by installing internal pipes and swivels to improve flow space efficiency.

Double-tubular semi-dry reaction tower Existing semi-dry reaction tower
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